“Mommy, I don’t want to wear a Mask”

My four year old daughter asked me the other day, “Mommy how long do I have to wear mask?, I don’t want to wear mask”. Sometimes she’ll even tell me “I don’t want to go outside because we’ll get sick”. As heart wrenching as this sounds it’s the sad reality we have to face as mothers.

Ever since COVID started and quarantine, children have also felt the anxiety or constant stress as we have felt as adults. I have talked to my daughter about why we have to wear masks, germs, diseases and other sorts of current events. For a four year old her question about why she has to wear mask is not due out of curiosity but said out of the thought of how long this will happen? As a mother this question posed an anxiety in me because honestly, I didn’t have a answer for it. I didn’t know when this will come to an end. I don’t know…

But what I do know is that I can only comfort her and tell her “we have to wear this to protect ourselves and others around us and we have to wear it as long as the virus is going around, we don’t know when it’ll stop so it’s best to be safe”. I know what your thinking…it’s a long answer for a four year old…sadly this is a global pandemic but also a global problem for not only our self but also our family.

My prayers go out to the people who are suffering day in and day out of this virus. My prayers are always with the ones who are in front line fighting this battle of COVID for their dear patients.

We don’t know how long or when this will all go back to normal, but we are all in this together. My message to all the mothers, fathers, caretakers, frontliners and hardworker during this time: you are appreciated and we are forever grateful for the amazing things that you do and have provided to the public, kids, families and everyone in society.

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