Intuition and Energy

I’m assuming as you’re reading this your thinking what does intuition and energy have to do with motherhood? It has a lot to do with motherhood. After becoming a mother I realized my instincts were high functioning.

It’s almost like I can smell a lie, look at a situation and immediately evaluate it, and bring little details to my attention that may be off putting.

One time my son was close to choking on his lunch, and if you know choking happens silently. I was putting something on the stove and my mom instinct told me to immediately turn back and look at him. I’m so grateful that he coughed it right out. For moments like this I thank the Lord and the gift that He blessed us with, mother intuition.

So next time you have second thoughts, don’t ignore it. We have our intuition for a reason mama. Turn back and check it again. It’s ok to worry, better to be safe than sorry!

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