Communication is Key

The quarantine, the mom life, and everything in between got us struggling to make a proper conversation. Communication is key to any relationship really whether it be friends, foe or our littles. Nevertheless do not worry Mamachildblogs may give you some great convo starters!

Sometimes I feel like I have forgotten to communicate properly. So here’s the thing, I had a slip of the mouth and asked someone if they’re pregnant. It was definitely a bad way to start a conversation. It was more awkward for me as a mom blogger. Anyways I apologized in front and later but these are some table turner ways we can have a healthy communication with our community & loved ones:

1. Find something relatable to start convo with, whether it be the weather or maybe how old their dog is.

2. Ask questions to keep the conversation going! I’m a big talker so I will keep on talking but I always try to ask a question relatable to the topic I’m speaking about.

3. Be careful what you say to who, not everyone will be open minded and not everyone you speak to is close to you so bear in mind to be cautious.

4. Jokes are also applied to number 3 but if there’s any neutral ones then it’s alright.

5. Smile and eye contact is very important!

I’m writing this as I bathe my kids before dinner but this was Mamachildblogs spur of the moment brainstorm! Let me know in the comments if I’m missing something.

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