Feeling Melancholic

Feeling Melancholy whilst being a mother is one of those things I’ve become accustomed to. It’s one of those feelings that come over with no apparent reason. It could be that I’m tending to the family or doing my daily housework and suddenly I’m hit with a rush of sadness. I just have to take a break from what I’m doing and revaluate myself and feelings.

Staying grounded and staying sane is important whilst being a mother. It’s hard to do those things at a time like this such as the pandemic, social distancing and being home for long periods of time. Things I’ve learned to do when I’m hit with melancholy is to take time for yourself.

Sometimes we get emotionally drained by taking care of loved ones or little ones. We forget we need to love ourselves as well. I think one of the root cause of postpartum depression happening is not tending to ones physiological and psychological needs.

Taking long walks by myself, praying to God, drinking tea beside nature, or cooking something for me has been working to brighten up my mood at times.

I’ve also picked up a book, well actually five books that I’m currently reading. It’s been a minute but I feel like I needed this. I finally feel that feeling of staying grounded. Sighs*

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