Self Realization

Honestly, ever since the pandemic and quarantine, I have been pretty MIA from this blog.

I don’t know why but I been so emotionally and mentally drained. I guess it’s the constant routine without the change of scenery. Nevertheless, I wish to go back to writing for the peace of mind and contentment.

I had a sort of epiphany or self realization you can say. I was thinking about the purpose behind the reason why I post pictures on fb and Instagram and things like wearing makeup.

To my realization I came to see that my deep set purpose was ultimately to show how I was living my best life. Whilst others thought it was always a cherry on my sundae or Sunday although it was really not.

My life is not colorful and rainbows as I have made it seem. I do have my wreck less moments. My tireless and traumatized moments are unseen. I just want to live my best life without showcasing it out loud, because others energies are often hidden. When they are looking at the showcasing they think and feel jealousy which can lead to those energies running off on me, ultimately I perceived this thought and I am on a forever fasting from social media such as fb, Instagram and of those sort.

Now you may think, why am I still blogging? Blogging is different, it’s sharing my feelings without the pressure to make it all rainbows and cherries.

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