Sick Baby/Toddler

“Put on my rubber band!”, “Baby brother’s pulling my hair”, “mommmy!”….this is my toddler throwing a tantrum whilst being sick. I been on my toes for the past few days trying my best to be the “mother nurse”.

For some reason kids being sick just plain breaks my heart, I mean it really sucks. It must be awful for them but it’s awful for us as well. I have so much respect for those moms that are able to be cool, calm, and very relaxed. I’m usually the one to just sit down and catch my breath till I feel ok to dive right back in Mommin’ mode.

Let’s face it, little ones being sick is awful but it’s our time to shine, these are the moments we will and I’m sure they’ll also maybe not remember….but in the end it’ll all be worth it. Every ounce of our effort gets put towards our little ones growth, learning and future understanding.

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