Broken Rose Quartz

Today my toddler repeatedly kept opening the skincare drawer, she was looking at my rose quartz and broke it somehow. I turned around hearing the shatter of my precious mineral stone. I was in between changing nappies of my 11 month old whilst it happened.

Many of you might be superstitious but I say whatever happened, happened for the best. Upon breaking the Rose Quartz stone she immediately apologized and understood why she shouldn’t have opened the drawer in the first place. I told her it’s ok although my heart was breaking, seeing her smile upside down broke it even more.

I told her sometimes we are curious but end up understanding the things we shouldn’t be doing. I said it’s ok and with that we rushed to get ready for my sons appointment. So at the end I can truly look back and say it was for the best because I just ordered a new one off of amazon.

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