Following & liking blogs responsibly

We follow these blogs and like posts unknowingly just for the views and follows. But do you ever read thoroughly? The other day I was reading through a blog post that happened to make me question everything. They were supporting rape!

Yes, you’ve heard it right ladies and gentlemen. Before we click that like button we should make sure we know and have read fully what we are about to like. If we click for the sake of likes that blog post may contain things we might not support.

In other words, our intentions for blogging has to be crystal clear and know what we are getting ourselves into. “Blogging responsibly” isn’t the phrase I’ll use here because it is a right to have freedom to write whatever but instead I’ll say to the audience to choose wisely. Morally and ethically wrong articles can be liked unknowingly which can cost greatly in the future, people who support heinous acts may feel “special” and feel it’s ok to continue.

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