Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression may happen anytime during pregnancy and mostly after giving birth. As a former nurse and now SAHM (stay at home mom) I have personally experienced and know a thing or two about PPD. A woman’s body shifts through a dramatic change hormonal wise after labor and therefore this may trigger the PPD to happen, for some it may be less for other it may be extreme. The most extreme levels of it causes things such as wanting to harm baby or self is called Postpartum psychosis.

I remember after my daughter I cried the first few nights for a few months. I tried my best to stay in contact as much as I could during the day with my family and friends . I tried to do self care activities such as bathing or watching Netflix (yes, I consider that self pampering). Wait, there were days sometimes stretched amount of time where I had to pull myself out of bed to brush my teeth or fix the bed without any enthusiasm. When basketball legend Kobe Bryant had passed away, I just had been feeling so down and still have, death is one of those things that make us feel very deep. So how did I end up finding the motivation?

Ok so here’s a list of things that made me gain motivation and helped me through the process:

1. Talk to somebody (friends, family, spouse or even your OBGYN/midwife/doctor.

2. Join mothers groups on Facebook or other social media, stay with a crowd that you can relate with or talk to when you need to (even mom friends).

3. Please sleep when baby sleeps, as much easy as said it is, I know the struggle as well but for the sake of your body and mind healing, get your beauty sleep!

4. Self pampering such as bathing, giving yourself a few minutes to look and feel good, maybe go outside for a fresh breeze.

5. Cook meals in bulk so you can spend more time taking care of baby and yourself.

6. Make a schedule, this helped me a lot! I got myself a good Corie Clark planner which helped me organize my life!

7. Be patient with your being, your body, mind, and baby! It takes time to go back to shape, feel the way you used to and understanding how babies work.

8. Reach out to a lactation consultant or someone you can find help on breastfeeding. Lots of new moms struggle with the latch, baby being tongue tied or just pumping etc. The key is to find what works for you through these amazing support system.

Postpartum depression is serious, but I would suggest not to ignore signs of lack of self care, lack of willingness to continue daily activities and constant urge to cry often. Many might think feeling these types of feelings make us seem vulnerable or weak. I guess it’s one of those things we experience in life so we would be STRONGER for the mom race to begin with.

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