Mom who overpacks, prepared?

I’m one of those travelers that pack for short or long trip thinking I need everything, I mean everything for my family and little ones. I think about what if they God forbid get sick? So I pack up the Tylenol, thermometer and Vick’s. Then I think about diaper rash creams and in goes the A&D and zinc oxide. I think about their outfits and plan what I need to put on them from beforehand, I think about the layers they might need if the airplane gets cold or maybe Disney overly hot?

My husband says “you gotta take whatcha gotta take”. In other words he doesn’t care or just relies on me. I also love to pack his shoes and other toiletries because he always seems to forget his deodorant.

Is there a limit to being very over prepared? I don’t think so, especially with these little ones, we can’t take risks. I think trust your mom gut and pack watcha gotta pack ya know!

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