Chromosome/Gender theory unplugged

A lot of Moms are either trying to get pregnant with a boy or a girl because they have one or the other. While I was in nursing school, I learned a lot about chromosomes and genetics as well as human anatomy and physiological components. That’s when the questions lingered in my mind about the XX & XY theory…

My theory is that females have XX chromosomes which we all know, yes. The same goes for males and with their XY chromosomes. The question in my mind arises that means X is related to females obviously and Y exclusively for males but one couldn’t do it without the other in male chromosome so X was there as a back up. I was like well that has to mean there’s a higher chance of producing females then! Because XX is female and the XX on the female side with the XY (which also has X) makes three X’s. That means that 3/4 times it’s likely it will be a female baby than a male one.

When I told this “theory” to the professor of mine she said “no, nodding her head in disapproval* that’s not what it means, it’s just the chromosome name that’s all, nothing to do with gender. & I was like “alright Ima head out”. But what I was really thinking was “hmm this professor just understood what I said but was disapproving me because I came up with something good”. I’ll just leave it at that, scientists come get at me, I have a lot of ideas but no one who can read my theories yet.

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