Minority mom?

The thing I like about writing is that no one can judge our look but just our writing. I think when people meet us in real life, it’s appearance that cause more problems than the intellectuality. People’s character tend to evolve based on their judgements on how a person’s appearance is.

I was waking outside today and thinking to my self, “I feel uncomfortable because people stare at me but they don’t really care much at this moment because I have two kids”. I’ll explain why I was thinking this, the fact that I wear a head covering and I’m south Asian. The only thing I am confident about is that I can speak without an accent but it won’t help cause people’s first reaction of me is “muslim”, “Indian” and of that sort etc. I think me having my two kids with me sort of ease people’s stereotypical fear of me.

I went into “five guys burgers and fries” today, it was packed for lunch. I decided to buy whatever and to head out quickly because to be honest, I felt those piercing eyes, those nods and sighs. I kept reassuring myself, although I was judging them judging me which was quite ironic.

Being a minority mom is hard but what’s even harder are the stereotypes that we are held accountable for. Today I faced my fears and I walked away from some people who said “that head is big, sure they’re hiding something”. Ok so my head is big because I made a bun under my hijab (head covering), so what your saying is a persons head can’t be big? Now me even trying to be the devils advocate has made me think irrationally.

I’ll just end this blog saying, I’m glad I had my kids with me. My kids remind me to always stay grounded and on my good behavior or else I would’ve said “f$&@ it, what’s under that shirt your hiding dude, a huge belly?”

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