Desi Aunties asking if you have any news?

“Kono khobor ase?” translates to “do you have any news?” from Bengali to English. These are the things that your desi aunties, neighbors, cousins hairdressers aunty cares about after your married. This is my second child at 27 years old and people are driving me up the wall about the third one. May I add that I have one boy and one girl, one of each and I still can’t satisfy these “gossip hungry aunties”.

The other day I went to the mosque and I hugged a old aunt there upon entrance while greeting her. She touched my stomach, like actually touched it literally to feel if I’m expecting. Let me add how I wear loose clothing so it’s not noticeable if I even have any bulges to begin with!

Next time, let me ask “kono khobor ase” to an aunty and watch me get smacked cause I’ve apparently said something to a “older person”. This is the thing about desi culture, we are taught to respect our elders but that doesn’t mean its to the extent where elders are disrespectful towards us. Then in return they expect the young generation to be respectful after they’ve been gossiping about us to their maids. For myself, I’ve learned to deal with these things, it just irks me here and there, but one thing my mama told me…”we don’t let the words of others make who we are, we make ourselves into we who we think we are”.

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