What have you done all day?

Most stay at home moms (SAHM) have to hear this phase “so what you do all day?” or “what have you done all day?”. It’s as if we don’t do enough already. Then to top it all off you suddenly get social pressure to think you have to do side gigs or a full time job, as if child care isn’t a full time job already.

A lot of non-SAHM or people that have faced such situations may think we shouldn’t have a reason to complain. The fact is SAHM not only have to bear the pressure of our little ones but also bear the pressure of the questions we get asked on the daily. People think that children probably don’t have to wake up at night or not be fed every two hours.

I’ll cut to the chase because I think I’ve ranted enough. Next time I get faced with this type of question, I’ll answer back with “I’ve taken care of my kids to the best of my ability and that’s what I do all day”. If they are waiting for us SAHM to take their s&$t then it’s not today.

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Photo by TOPHEE MARQUEZ on Pexels.com

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