Netflix & Mommin’

Let’s change to the new revolution of Netflix and Mommin’ because unlike Netflix and chill, we actually watch our shows with a passion. Let’s get one thing out of the way, shall we? I know myself as well as tons of other moms out there binge watch tv shows when their kids go to sleep. Come on, it’s like a guilty pleasure. We know we need a break but we indulge in the acts that would cause us to be tired later.

My Netflix and Mommin’ time includes a handful of my fav shows like You, Jane the Virgin, One day at a time, Atypical and Workin moms. Sometimes I’ll watch random documentaries or parts of movies with my husband, which we never can agree on what to watch and eventually end up not watching it.

I guess Netflix and Mommin’ is an important time where I can self revitalize. It’s a time where I’m able to kick back an relax before the next feeding time or witching hour (the time where the kids wake up at least once at night around 1-3am). Netflix and Mommin’ may not be a everyday routine but sure is a luxury to me or for other moms.

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