Developing Parent Styles

Developing courses for parenting styles and effective parenting style is controversial because being a parent to a child depends on the child itself. Regardless of the fact that no two children are the same, there are things parents can do to improve their ways on how to advise or speak to their children. This may create a more bonding and positive impact on the child and for parent. 

There are many different types of parents, such as authoritarian, uninvolved and permissive parenting. Authoritarian usually speak in a straightforward voice that gives commands and expects child to be obedient. This can make the child feel to restricted and unable to be themselves sometimes it can become a risk to the child because it causes them to become depressed or to rebel. Uninvolved parents may not be involved with what their child is doing, saying or asking. This type of parenting behavior can lead the child to become frustrated and unloved or feeling unwanted. The permissive parents may always give their children permission to do things without thinking about risks that could happen. This type of behavior from parents can make child become more carefree and sometimes feel the want for restriction like other children. A suggested parenting style course would teach to be more assertive to their children and make punishments that they can learn from and connect to their unwanted behavior. Being more assertive towards the children means using best judgment based on the problem being presented. For example, a teenager is hanging out with her friends and comes home one hour past their expected time, the mother explains her concerns in a tone that is in a respective manner and doesn’t cause the adolescent to get aggravated or emotional, then the mother explains her daughter will be grounded for one week and write a essay about why it is dangerous to be outside at night for teenagers. This type of behavior most likely not aggravate the teenager and cause them to accept it and complete the task but also have the time to think about what they did while staying indoors and writing the essay will also help her understand her mothers concerns.

Being assertive parents will also teach children how to become more assertive. For example, a child does not want to do chores the mother explains how everyone share their chores accordingly in the house to keep it nice and clean and it will benefit the whole family. This answers the child’s problem in a rational way rather than just saying, “because you have to” or “I’m not going to be your servant in this house, I’m your mother!” which are totally irrelevant and does not teach the child to think in rational way. Even though parenting styles may not always guarantee the expected results, keeping consistent with parent’s behavior may habituate the children and eventually make right decisions. Parenting is not an easy task because it requires the parent to change their behavior as well for the child’s sake. Developing the parenting style classes can benefit the child to get the best way of understanding things and why it is wrong and to also become good parents with assertive behavior.


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