Cleaning up the Child’s play

Making a mess should be the least bit of problems

The child at play, such a wonderful time. Who are we to intervene in the most innocence of acts? We often worry about our floors getting soapy when they play with bubbles, or wonder why’ve they spilt water/milk on the table and even goes to the extent of using their food as a moisturizer (my daughter would bathe in yogurt during snack time, literally).

The fact that we are worried about something so municipal such as the mess, we forget what matters. Our little humans at play are learning. They are exploring, but we fail to see the bigger picture.

I took a step back when my daughter was playing with her soapy bubble machine few days ago. I thought ok I’ll let her make a mess, because then she can clean with me later. Then after we played bubbles to our hearts content, I gathered up a sly smile and said “let’s clean up!”. My daughter nodded in excitement and jumped up, which I might say is quite surprising.

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