Feeling socially awkward?

Ever felt like it was hard to communicate after becoming a mom? From the get go I think that’s enough rhetorical questioning. New moms, old moms, any and all moms out there, I know y’all can relate with me on this topic. After birth we spend a lot of time using baby language, playing little piggy on little ones feet and singing countless lullabies or rhymes. We get to a point where we begin to question our ability to be the same again.

For me the biggest change was staying home for long periods of time, days and sometimes weeks. It often felt like cabin fever almost. The hardest part was being able to find related things to talk about. We don’t just give birth to a child but birth to our inner mother. Our motherhood changes our brains in a way where we are always alert and oriented to think, act and feel as a protective person for our baby. It’s part of nature’s way of making the human race survive. You see, this new change also affects the way we perceive certain artifacts and statements given or said towards us.

Suppose someone says something about you looking tired, you instantly jump and think why the person is being so judge mental and won’t understand your story. You start to think about how hard your job is (which in all power it is) but people are not understanding. I guess we tend to overthink to better our judgements in order to place our child in a safe environment. There’s a fine line or difference between us being protective and always overthinking to the point where lose ourselves and identity even, I guess that’s where socially awkward comes in from. I think by time it gets better slowly. When we try to rediscover ourselves again after being a mom is when we get ourselves to be us again, but for now relax and take a deep breath, it will be alright.

Photo by Inga Seliverstova on Pexels.com

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