I don’t want to let go of my Baby !

Holding these tiny cute hands

The day my baby was born I knew I found a new form of love, a feeling or rush that couldn’t be explained. Then came the stage where I was too tired to wake up constantly at night but missed them dearly when I saw them napping. I was constantly finding myself amidst the feelings of wanting to hold my baby but also wanting a break. When I felt that I needed a breather I was too anxious to have anyone look after my kids.

Moms who feel like they are stuck between these two opposing feelings, know that your not alone. It’s completely ok to feel like your the best person that can look after them but also feel the need to take a break. The real talk is learning to let go when mama needs to take a break. Let’s learn that when our instincts signify a danger to leave the baby is different compared to “I don’t want my baby out of my sight no matter how tired I am”.

So how do we learn to let go for a few moments when we need a break? Trust yourself, your inner voice, be honest about your feelings and learning to differentiate between them. Know that if you are mentally content it’s easier for yourself to take care of the little ones long term. Always trust your inner voice when leaving your baby with a caretaker. It’s never easy but it’s better to be cautious. So it’s alright to have a lot of thoughts and worry about our little ones. A safe mama is a careful mama.

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