Feeling guilty about ordering takeout?

As a mom we probably all had at least or more than once, I suppose times when we have ordered take out. I just want to say I’m not here to shame anyone, I’m part of that crew. But the fact is we’ve all felt a little guilt in the back of our minds inkling around.

Let’s picture this, the scenario before I ordered takeout. My baby and toddler in the bathroom with me whilst I’m trying to pee, as if that’s not the worst, my toddler spilt water all over the floor. The baby starts crawling on the water that my toddler spilt and here I go my mom stress meter sky rockets.

I pull everyone out of the bathroom and I’m like ok I got this and I go on Grubhub to order food from Panera bread. I realized I needed a little break from cooking all the things happening around me. For me ordering takeout occasionally (because let’s face it, most of us aren’t rich and we’re on a tight budget here) is like a little breather, it also helps me with gathering my self and thoughts for the menus to make later!

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