Boob to bottles?!

As mothers a lot of choices we make evolves around our little ones, in order to protect and to help them. I think breastfeeding for me was a wonderful and rewarding journey. By wonderful I mean full of joy and tears (especially when there was a clogged up duct, now let’s pretend we’re going to avoid the bad things and talk about only the positive aspects here).

My little one turned 11 months old today, I’m starting to get those comments. My spouse, family, friends saying “he’s getting old, it’s about time, are you going to give him a bottle?”. Now I don’t know how familiar one is with parenting but a breastfed baby especially one who nursed for 11 months is not going to be happy go lucky with a bottle suddenly. I thought about it many times: switching to a bottle, maybe reducing the amount of nursing sessions etc. One thing I realized is the intention behind my will to nurse. Why am I nursing?

I know from the start I would be a breastfeeding mama. I’m proud I came this far, and I know sooner or later my little one will outgrow this nursing phase. The thing is I realized about breastfeeding it’s not only beneficial for me but for my baby, it’s the most selfless thing I can do, is to provide the nutrients and lifelong health benefits.

To sum it all up, I’m not going to switch up to bottles. It’s my body, my choice. It’s hard at times I’ll hand it to you but I’m already far into the race to turn back and run the other way. I’m going to complete this until he weans himself out. Here’s to baby self weaning and to mama not feeling upset about her choices!

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