Messy Floors, Runny Noses and Sighs

It’s one of those days Mama’s where I feel like I’m trying to keep up but I’m losing my grip. My little ones are a bit under the weather and been acting up, one just has the terrible three tantrums and the other teething at 10 months getting his second set on the top.

This morning during breakfast my son and daughter spilled orange juice and cereal. It was a mess for me, they both spilled one or the other and I just thought “oh great!”. I was being a bit sarcastic so I can take matters lightly. The thing was breakfast time was a busy time for me, trying to fill their tummies whilst worrying about my husbands lunch and breakfast.

I finally manage to give both my littles a refill and I wipe the floor. By the time I sat down to eat my coffee and breakfast my son had spilled himself and kept sneezing while my daughter was complaining of a runny nose. So I took a few sips of this morning coffee which I absolutely needed, then I sighed and I took action on whatever was that needed to be done.

Quite frankly, I can say that even though there were messes or I was unable to tend to my needs, there was a satisfaction in completing my children’s needs. Right after their breakfast I put them down for a activity whilst I decided to catch up with a friend and finish my coffee in a not so silent area. But let’s face it, it’s important that we get our own self care after tending to our littles. It’s a stressful job and mama needs some revitalizing as well. Motherhood is a learning process, a way to learn how to prioritize, balance and find that relief time after a runny nose incident, messy situation or a stressful period.

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