Playing with Your Little Ones

Motherhood is a tedious job but it’s not always work and no play. I believe a little ones first friend and playmate is the mother or caretaker themselves. Though some days we may be wiped out completely just doing the bare minimum such as keeping the little ones alive and well fed. Other times we feel a rush of energy to do more for the days we have been slacking. It’s alright mama, we have all been through that.

Playing with our little ones gives us the joy that fills our hearts with warmth. It’s gives our children the gift of engaging with us and understanding how the world works around them. Most importantly little ones brain developmental peak times are of ages 0-3 years. I learned the value of playing from my oldest daughter that babies learn how the world works around them through play. It’s important to be cautious but also not to constantly be the one who keeps saying no to little messes and is too afraid of every activity becoming a messy one. Cause let’s face it if we stop them at their tracks for exploring around our kitchen cabinets, drawers, wanting to see how it feels to climb up on sofa (climbing up with our assistance or us supervising them) then where is the fun in being a little one?

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