Dear Picky Eater/Toddler,

Mommy cooked you lots of things. Each thing was well thought out and nutritionally balanced. Little one, you decided to throw a tantrum at how you wanted to eat veggies crisps/chips instead. I thought my veggie and shrimp fried rice with a side of apples was a genius but unfortunately for you it wasn’t doing justice. Every time mommy goes to the doctor, I pray you are more taller, gained a healthy amount of weight and healthier than before. The doctor says your healthy but just under the average weight for toddlers which is fine but to feed you x, y, and z. Mommy knows she did what she could. Even though her acts are not noticed, her effort will remain to be her strength. She knows today you are a picky eater but tomorrow you will be a health conscious eater. Maybe it’s ok if your “underweight” as the doctors have stated but as long as you are fulfilling all of the milestones and becoming wiser it’s all that matters.



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