Arts, Crafts & Creative Little Minds?

Mother and daughter coloring time is my favorite time. Hopefully once my son grows up from a baby to a toddler we can all do art, crafts and creative activities together. Did you know that coloring is an activity that reduces stress or makes one feel more relaxed? Well I remember reading that somewhere and it does feel like I’m worry free when I’m coloring with my little one. The fact is that I’m worried about what color pencil to use that I don’t have time to focus on other matters!

I guess the same applies for little ones minds, they are constantly figuring out ways to improve their masterpieces. Creativity striking the little ones minds whilst doing these types of activities helps mend their minds into thinking out of the box.

Next time if your unsure about how to entertain your little ones mind. Pick up a crayon and paper mama and get hustlin’ along with your little one or ones.

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